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How To Use

Follow these steps to start using the RespiCOz.

Click Here to Download RespiCOz app from Google play store & create an account. (1st time only)

Attach the sensor & the power adaptor with RespiCOz Device.
Turn on the power.

Turn on Bluetooth in your mobile setting & pair with RespiCOz

Go to the App & Click on “Connect with RespiCOz”
Once connected, You can start monitoring your patient!


RespiCOz Kit Include




Mainstream Sensor


Airway Adaptor


Power Adaptor


EVA Case

How To Use

Can’t follow the steps above? Watch the video for better guidance.

Play Video about How to use RespiCOz Thumbnail

Still having issues?

If you still can’t use the product or are facing some issue feel free to contact us and our team will guide you.

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